06-28:Computational Biology in Translational Cancer Research

  SpeakerXiaole Shirley Liu


  Harvard School of Public Health

  TopicComputational Biology in Translational Cancer Research

  Biography:  Dr. Xiaole Shirley Liu is an expert in computational biology, genomics and epigenetics of gene regulation, and cancer biology. She is member of the mod/ENCODE consortia (NHGRI) and Information Technology for Cancer Research initiative (NCI), an associate member at the Broad Institute, and the co-director (with Myles Brown) of the Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her group focuses on algorithm development and integrative modeling for translational cancer research.

  Abstract: Computational biology is playing important roles in precision cancer therapy. I will discuss our efforts using computational biology to mine high throughput sequencing data in order to aid translational cancer research. Specifically I will discuss three areas of our current foci: using public ChIP-seq data to understand cancer gene regulation, using CRISPR screen data to identify tumor vulnerabilities and targeted combination therapy, and using RNA-seq data to model tumor infiltrating immune cells and T-cell repertoires. 

  Time:   June 28, 2016 17:00-18:00

  Venue: Room 143, New Biology Building

  Host:    Dr. Zhi Lu